Key Features

Designed as a complete software solution for environmental sampling, EnviroMap assists with the entire lifecycle; from scheduling all the way to historical data analysis. The following are the key features that EnviroMap provides:

  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Improved Sampling
  • External LIMS Integrations
  • Enforce Positive Result Procedures
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Site Audit Trail
  • Historical Data Analysis
  • Dynamic Charting

Automatic Scheduling

Scheduling Engine

Given a time, frequency and group of sites, the scheduler will randomly select collections of sites to be sampled. The engine is designed to support multiple schedules, avoid contamination risk by limiting sites on multiple schedules to once a day, and to schedule high risk sites more frequently. Combined with the built-in calendar view, scheduling sites can be now be effortless.

Historical Data Analysis

O.T.A.E (Optimized Trending Analysis Engine)

Designed to maximize your environmental sampling program, O.T.A.E will analyze historical results, and assist in determining site risk levels over time. O.T.A.E. can be customized to be extremely strict or more relaxed; and although organizations will have the ability to override any O.T.A.E. suggestion, no additional work is required to take advantage of all that this one of a kind engine provides.

Enforce Result Procedures

Positive Result Procedures

Every organization has a different set of procedures to follow when they are notified of a positive result. EnviroMap allows for these differences by providing a fully customizable schedules based on positive iteration (first positive vs. the second positive). Additional sampling is automatically started for not only the positive site, but surrounding sites as well. When combined with our External LIMS integration & Alerts, your organization can be sure that all procedures are handled automaticaly while giving essential personal real-time updates of their status.


  • Mobile Ready

    Mobile integration allows a user to View Scheduled Sites, Print Barcodes, and Submit Samples from their handheld device.

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  • External LIMS

    Provides numerous methods for integrating with external LIMS systems.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Real-time alerts keeps everyone notified of site results & changes.

  • Charting

    Dynamic charts provides a real-time graphical representation of site data.